Mummy GO must hear this: At 32 years, I have slept with over 100 men


Abena Korkor is beautiful. She is educated and a television presenter.

Abena is not afraid, she is not ashamed and she says she has slept with over 100 men in her search for love.

And she hopes to get married, to someone nice, someday.

Korkor spoke of her relationships during her feature on the Ofie Kwanso show aired on Ghana’s Adom 106.3 FM.

She revealed she has had to undergo an abortion while in a friends-with-benefits situation with one of her men.

“When I sit and count, I’ve done over a hundred. Yes, I’ve slept with over a hundred men at age 32. And it’s not something that should be shameful for me. It was me wanting to get married and be in love,” the TV host said.

“There was a lot of trial and error. I won’t let a certain man break my heart and I will give my power to love to him. I still want to get married and have kids if I’m supposed to. I’ve had an abortion once [after] friends with benefits.

A formidable woman

“I wasn’t going to force it on him. So I had an abortion. There are females that have been abused all their lives by men. Should we say they don’t deserve love and care for that? I’m not looking for the traditional Ghanaian man.

“The traditional Ghanaian man has so much ego and would not educate themselves. They limit themselves to societal norms that are retrogressive in nature. If a woman is speaking up, men feel intimidated. Why?”